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20 September 2010

see honey, what I could look like...

It's fun for the whole family with this iphone, itouch, ipod app. Everywhere we go we are altering friends and family's pictures in Fat Booth and laughing our heads off. It's $.99 well spent, in my opinion, and depending on how you feel about your own person fat booth picture- you might love the app or hate it, looking into what could have been (if you'd let go of all self control over the years) or how you might look in the future... or how you looked before your season on The Biggest Loser.

1 comment:

VaLene Hulme said...

That was so fun. When you e-mailed mine to Brent, he said he had to shut down his e-mail quickly because it was so disturbing to him! He did not like it. I laughed.


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