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22 September 2010

a proper rating system

Don't underestimate the importance of a properly labeling and rating your boxes. Apparently, I have been unaware all my life, that there is a level or two above just simply 'fragile'.
Q packed this one, I'm kind of afraid to even touch it.
I'd better start labeling more seriously. I did write in Sharpie "Adult Books" on a box yesterday, and then felt like I should clarify, (perhaps just with a ball point pen), then I figured, oh well- let whoever picks up that box get a good laugh.
Here's the final word in Yard Sale- I'm not quite ready this weekend, and we have 4 soccer games this Saturday. So Saturday October 2 is the final date, it's looking good folks- all sorts of treasures and good stuff coming your way.


VaLene Hulme said...

Hey, I helped a neighbor move a couple months ago, and she had a good system of always labeling on a strip of paper, then taping it to the box. The writing stood out and was easier to read, and easier to locate the label.

Brooke said...

Your "adult books" should fit nicely with up there in Midway next to the "strip joint" you live by! No wonder your leaving Springville.....Midway seems much more exciting! We will miss you!



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