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13 September 2010


The hour has finally come... it's time to start packing up and move. The amount of goods a family (OK, I'll admit- I am mostly to blame) can accumulate in 13 years in one house is rather astounding. The space in this picture is what I have be frightened to tackle. It doesn't look like much- about 500 sq. ft. of 4 ft. tall crawl space directly under our family room. The beauty of it was that it was available space- all warm and dry but virtually unusable for anything but storage. Some people in our neighborhood have actually turned them into playrooms- what? Then where do you put all your fabric and craft supplies? (Oops... cat out of the bag...) and your camping equipment, winter clothes, holiday decor, archived papers and pictures, films and such (and such and such). I realized yesterday as we made a family 'fire line' up the stairs and into the garage... I'm really going to miss this space, like, really bad. The new place has only real, full-sized basement space, space that could be easily tempted into becoming life-sized rooms.

Can you believe all of this came from the crawl space... I'm a little embarrassed- don't open the garage door please. And like I said- a lot of it is fabric and craft supplies. Priceless goods, I tried to explain to Steve O. If myself and the children can only easily reach the supplies, I can teach the children all sorts of clever and creative skills to last a lifetime. But for now, be a dear, pick up that box and put it in the garage, please.

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