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08 October 2009

Halloween garland

One of the upsides of collecting fabric- you don't need to go to the fabric store when a project like this pops into your head. I could have gone on forever- adding different fabrics, and ended up with about 10 feet of garland, but I stopped... probably to take someone to gymnastics or soccer.

These triangles were cut with regular scissors (this method makes you feel like you're back in elementary school) or a roller cutter (the easier and faster way). But, I think I like the look of pinking shears better, and the triangles fray better (after washing) with pinking shear edges.

The finished project- barely fits the mantle- good thing I stopped when I did...
I'm going to turn the piles of fabric in my sweat shop into piles of garlands for the Beehive Bazaar in December. I'll get a few Halloween garlands made up- look in my etsy shop.

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