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12 October 2009

18 wonderful years

It just occurred to me that today is our 18th anniversary. So, I sent my spouse a text acknowledging the date- I know, super romantic huh?
It sort of reminds me of year 5 or 6 when both of us completely forgot until about a week later. At least it was both of us that forgot that year. It may be a year without much fanfare on the actual date (Steve O is in Chicago) and that's just fine with me, because I wouldn't trade the last 13 years for anything (really, this is Steve O's joke not mine). I love you Tiger.
In the photo collage above: one of the pictures from the roll taken when we got engaged. I can't find the actual photo that made it into the wedding announcement- but you get the idea= toddlers.
And... a few of our accomplishments, or works in progress.


Donelle Anderson said...

Such an adorable family! Happy Anniversary!!! My sister Jennifer celebrated 19 years of marriage this year.

Jessica said...

I remember your reception. Congratulations. I hope you have fun celebrating when he gets home.


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