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05 October 2009

all pieced

As I was finishing piecing this quilt top, the silly saying that you see posted in quilters sewing rooms or quilting shops all over the place kept coming back to me. It goes something like this, "My husband asked me one day why I buy big pieces of fabric only to cut them up and sew it back together again." I think some version of this line rolls through every quilters head when piecing a quilt top. In the thick of it you can feel like you're going a little crazy. But I do love the finished product.


Jessica said...

Gorgeous! She will love it, and all the visitors too. I need to go visit the B&B. My memories are of the ranch, I hear this is much more plush.

marcikay said...


VaLene said...

That's very cool. I would love to see your mom's bed and breakfast someday.


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