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13 March 2009

what I'm lovin' this week

Heartlands is a fabulous movie, it reminded me a bit of Billy Elliot (perhaps because it's British and quirky)- kind of slow, beautiful scenery- well worth a watch.
Everything in the Athleta catalog is darling, sporty gal wear- but in a good way. I generally look through a catalog then chuck it in the recycle bin, but this one I keep peeking back through.
I'm glad that Steve O and I both have a crush on Lance. All this week he's been iChatting me pictures of the man. He found Elizabeth Kruetz's website and we are both in love with her still photography skills. Browse her site and be amazed.
As I strive to make the most of my 90 days on the P90X program- I have been filling the hungry moments with a cup of tea- and been throughly enjoying it.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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