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25 March 2009

wax museum

F as Benjamin Franklin at the 5th grade wax museum. We did a few alterations on thrift store blazer, shirt, vest and pants to create his look. We went with the fancy Ben Franklin- the other look so often seen- you know the 'bald in front' Franklin look? - well, the wig version was a bit too creepy for me.
F did a good job, had his speech down and took staying in character very seriously, except when he was whispering under his breath, "stop taking my picture" and "isn't it time for you to leave?".
The theme of the wax museum was "American Heroes". I saw a couple of good Elvis Presleys, Amelia Earhart, Sacagawea- and even Steve Jobs.
My favorite was George Washington on a stuffed rocking horse that played a whiny and gallop recording every time he moved- all the while he stayed in character and delivered his speech. Having heard that very same recording a thousand times at our house on a similar toy- I had to stifle my giggles.

Speaking of giggles... all my pictures have the classroom background, so I had to work some photo magic to change it up. F wasn't cooperating this morning when it was photo shoot time- leaving me no choice but to get silly with photoshop (I just finished my advanced class last night). As you may notice, I need to add a shadow to this picture (but I don't have an extra hour or so to get it right) I really need to practice my skills more often.


Jessica said...

He looks so happy to be photographed.

Nice costume!

VaLene said...

Could this be a halloween costume come October? That would be handy. Looks fabulous.

The Wilkinson Clan said...

He looks great! Fantastic job little momma. The buckled shoes completes the ensemble!


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