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02 March 2009

take a page from this book

Here is a book (a work in progress) I recently found, the author M, age 8. Piggy is a carry over character, first used by her older sister. There have been various tales told about Piggy, one notable story from the past by Q was Piggy Goes To The Beach, I'm gonna give it away- she gets a really bad sunburn. I think we need to see about some publication when M finishes this story, for all the Piggy tales.

Apparently we have some gender issues that need addressing...

And the moral of the story as it stands right now...
perhaps- always look your best even if you are a piggy
or - look to your mother for fashion advice
or - vests and tailored pants are back in for the ladies (not to mention the eye glass)
or - male pigs must wear a Bro or manzierre for some extra support when courting a lady

I don't really know for sure, but this I do know- this story need an end, and I can hardly wait for it.

1 comment:

Curt, Lace and Harper said...

Thanks so much for sharing she is so funny. Also I saw on your side bar the velvet skirt with polka dot something. Did you make that? If so I would love one.


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