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11 March 2009


So excited, I just signed up for the Little Red Riding Hood Ride June 6th in Wellington UT (by Logan I think). Just a ladies ride- you fellas get to stay home and nurture the children. I need to start thinking about my outfit...
Although, if I'm going to ride the full course- (100 miles) the cycle skirt and cute stripy socks might get old at about mile 42. I haven't ridden a full century in like 12 years, since I've been a mother actually. I think it's about time I get back with it.
Now if it would just warm up a bit, I can get back on my bike.


Sabrosa Cycles said...

I would really like to get the misses up for this little event. I dropped her off one year and got quite the stink eye from a bunch of ladies because I happened to have a bike on the roof rack too.

steph said...

Now, why can't you wear your bikini and skirt and flip flops and ride a beach cruiser like the cartoon babe in the picture???? I love that you don't even question a hundred mile bike ride, Noelle!

Hailey said...

Darling! One word for you: RONA!

Come spin with us!


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