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30 April 2008

taking time to smell the flowers

I really am trying this year to notice spring. It seems like over the last few years I pause from the hecticness of life and realize I've completely missed spring and it's already full blown summer before I know it. So, even though it's back to freezing today, I stopped rushing around and took some pictures. I love springtime, especially the blossoms on the trees and I hope it doesn't snow today- like predicted.


Midge said...

Oh these pictures are so pretty. I've been taking walks the last couple of days and kicked myself for not bringing my camera. I decided my favorite flowers are blossoms. It's all I can do to not cut my neighbors trees and bring them inside.

noelle said...

You neighbor won't miss a little snippet cut for your table... :)
I know the feeling- my neighbor has a great lilac bush- my favorite.

The Wilkinson Clan said...

I love the colors! Goodbye old man winter. How did you get your heading and photos to look so fancy?


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