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21 April 2008

spring break wrap up

Oh... a week off of life was lovely. Spending a week at Grandma and Grandpa O's is always grand. You can learn all sorts of things that you can't learn at home in the suburbs (is that where we live?) This little garder snake got manhandled for a good solid 20 minutes, C. wanted to know what his name was and as you can see- was not too worried about getting close.

Here is the quilt my mother-in-law Jan is currently working on. Hello... gorgeous. It was propped up across the room from me as I sewed aprons in the cabin, quite a masterpiece to ponder.

Good times cooking hot dogs and marshmallows over the open fire, "another smore? oh I really shouldn't... OK, well- maybe just one more..."

Joe Bennion joined us for a few days, he had a rock laying class in Torrey. The kids loved making pots and little dog sculptures with the clay he brought. He impressed us all with tales of misfortune and fun at Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon.

These two little doggies were made and then buried in the ashes of the fire to cook. The kids dug them out the next morning, and have been very carefully taking care of them ever since.

Izzy on of the models for the clay dogs pictured above (see the resemblance?) the "wild dingo" doggie having the time of her life in doggie dreamland.

Jan and Owen a big huge thank you for your tremendous hospitality. You guys are the best, we love you!


Diania said...

I need me some desert time. Finn needs to be broken in. What was the snakes name.?

noelle said...

he mentioned Joe or Bob as adequate snake names.

ZLB said...

thanks for sharing your brood with papa joe. . . as he has no grandkids of his own he's taken to referring to the wiener dog and my hairless cat as his grandchildren. . .sad.


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