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03 April 2008

cozy chair

Something about Stefan Zwicky 's 1980's concrete chair "Grand confort, sans confort, dommage a Corbu"> speaks to me- as well as the other designs featured in the NY Times Jagged Edge article.

If I had grounds and not just a backyard I might need a couple of these for pausing and reflection.

1 comment:

H said...

Wow. C & I love that chair!!! Wanna make some? There is a new way to make light(er) weight concrete/cement...

Looney Tunes (vintage thanks to NetFlix) is providing the soundtrack to my evening. This is what my children will remember. I remember an odd movie about a girl who sells her soul to the devil to be a rock-star? Iris the Virus, haven't seen the movie but I think she moved into our house. Loved, and still do love, The Point. Mmmm.


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