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14 April 2008

ladies night

Saturday night just the girls went to to see Annie at Kingsbury Hall, part of the Broadway on Tour series. It's such a perfect musical for kids. My 8 year old was very impressed when 'Sandy'- the real live dog ran out onto stage. I have seen the movie ohh maybe 100 times over the years- we used to sing "It's a Hard Knock Life" when we did our chores as children (I'm sure my Mom loved that.)
My kids have only seen the movie a few times- apparently too 'old school' for their generation... (whatever) and we even have it on DVD... Anyway, live on the stage we all enjoyed ourselves, how can you not- stage performances are always such a treat.
I think Wicked is coming to SLC soon...

1 comment:

Kelly Fam said...

We absolutely loved Annie too growing up. Well, I still do love it. The music is great and you can't beat the story! Wicked is coming April 2009. Can't wait!


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