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21 April 2011

village people

It wasn't me... like it usually is- thinking about my Halloween costumes months ahead of time, it was Steve O. He just showed me the YMCA video by the Village People (fun fact: from 1978), have I ever seen it? or did I just mentally block it out?  I wish I could embed it here, because it is so fabulous (somehow it's been blocked from embedding), so here is the link to watch for yourself- be amazed, wistful, work your way into a nostalgic stupor or just laugh your head off at the dancing, camera work and men in costume taking themselves way too seriously.
What would be awesome is if we could pull off there costumes as a family. But, the kids would never do it. I could buy the each a ski resort, a Ferrari and a pony and they still would never do it.
Actually, Q might do it for a horse...

Given the choice of costumes- which one would you be?


Cody said...

I call dibs on the Cowboy costume. It's mine!

Precia said...

You just reminded me I might have to finally be hot dog on a stick girl this year. I need to get on that!


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