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25 April 2011

danger, intrigue- the thrill of the hunt

What is an easter egg hunt without a little menacing peril? ...prickery bushes...

I hope you're current on your shots...

 hideously deformed creatures

 stagnant, murky depths

    about that tetanus...

splinters anyone?

dizzying heights

...and here they are, the brave and tireless hunters. The final report in-  the best easter egg hunt ever,  thanks to the fear factor. 

 This final picture will become one of what we call the 'cry baby series'. You know the memorable group photos from your childhood with everyone but you in the picture. As you drearily speculate, "Where the heck was I when that picture was taken?" and "does my family care at all about me?" 
Then, your mom takes a look and imparts, "No, don't you remember? You were just throwing a fit when that picture was taken."
So, just to keep things clear in future scrapbooks, (no more racking your brain, "was that the year I spent a week in the hospital after falling off the storage container or just the time I just being a chump and refusing to be photographed??") if you are mid-tantrum, you still have to be in the picture- then we can laugh about it later- one day later (and for the rest of your life). That'll teach 'em.

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