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02 February 2011

my pick

I think I'm in love with this Enamelware from Viva Terra. The pitcher comes in blue too, more cup colors as well.
I'm such a sucker for the bright colors, especially in the thick of winter.
The temperature was -18 degrees when the kids left for school this morning- too late, and missed their buses (even with rides to the bus stop) both had to be driven the whole way to their respective schools, separately. But how can you not be the sympathetic sucker... who wants to stand at the bus stop and turn into a popsicle? Let's just not make a habit of it, eh?

I really do love winter, I'm super jealous of Chicago and everywhere else buried in winter storm conditions right now. It's really not fair, it hasn't snowed significantly in Utah since December? really?? Pathetic.

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