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18 February 2011

always be Knolling...

A newish sort of word, used (and I think coined) by Tom Sachs in his 'Working to Code'  film made by the Neistat Brothers,  Knolling is the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization.
The film, 'Working to Code' is a lengthy 21 minutes, that will keep you smiling the whole way through- a glimpse into other folks personal space- including the space between their ears is always filled with awe and wonderment.
I can't help thinking, knolling is the slightly OCD cousin to what I (the Mom) do everyday- I need to coin a word here... There should be a film made called "Living in This House to Code" (for kids and some spouses too...) involving precise instructions on how to pick up after yourself in the kitchen, bathroom and your own room- then specifically how to throughly clean all of these spaces by yourself. Or even a film called "Afterschool"- (I can dream, can't I) I think you can imagine what it might include- specifics on homework, snacking, practicing instruments, friends, facebook, sport practice. I could then happily cancel my weekly, parental, motivational lecture series, short yoga breathing sessions and eye rolling practice and just set all the cherubs/hooligans down to re-watch the film whenever they conveniently forget what comes next.
Speaking of youngsters... F, my second oldest turns 13 today. Two teens in the house- it's funny and scary how fast time moves, the older you get. We're lucky to have such a amazing fella- full of energy- as you can see here, (Grandma Jan and Grandpa Owen can appreciate this picture) smart as a whip and funny too. Happy Birthday dude!
Looking forward to a long weekend in St. George, watching the birthday boy play soccer and relaxing too. Have a great President's Day weekend.


kalanicut said...

You are a woman after my own heart, Noelle. I was sick last month and had my mom and The Man putting things away and it will be months before I ever find everything and put it back in its tidy home. I found one of my handmixer beaters on top of the fridge in a basket with chalkboard supplies. Ugh.

I was at my parents a couple of weeks ago where my dad has now taken over the dishwasher duties. After I unloaded the dishwasher, he announced he was going to have to have a family night "to train people the proper way to color & size organize the shelf for the glasses." I had to laugh. Apple not far from the tree.

noelle said...

That family night thing is a good idea- sometimes I think it's my fault, I haven't properly trained my family good enough.
I see training sessions in the future...


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