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25 July 2010

24th of July festivities

Somehow I think it's a first for our family... but we spent 'Pioneer Day' July 24th in Escalante amongst many folks local and otherwise. Small town parades are the best. Participants and observers swap greetings, "Hey Uncle Ray!" as the floats pass and did I mention candy? Every kid brings a bag to fill and by the time the party has concluded it looks like Halloween. This guy was one of our favorites- I don't know type of motor was rigged into this armchair but it was moving.

This may not look like Halloween amounts of candy (I may have been exaggerating just a little)- but the important thing to take note of is- it's not all Tootsie Rolls and Salt Water Taffy... tiny chocolate bars and bags of Sugar Daddys were flying through the air too. Hallelujah.

This tiny dude was so cute, and of course -everyone knew him by name.

After the parade we wandered down to watch the "shoot out" in front of Griffins grocery store. This cowboy wasn't fast enough on the draw...

1 comment:

VaLene Hulme said...

Brent says all the time that the only parade worth going to is a small town parade - complete with candy thrown from the folks on trucks and horses.


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