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02 July 2010

Bear Lake

Why is blogging in the summertime so hard?
Geez... well, here's what's been happening- last weekend I headed up to Bear Lake with some lady friends and relaxed for what turned out to be a most excellent, too short weekend. I got out for a solo bike ride, nearly around the lake (I should have packed some snacks or some money in the jersey pocket and gone all the way around- but I feared 'bonking', 52 miles with no fuel could be bad news). So, I doodled along for about 30 miles and took lots of pictures. The lake water is this amazing azure color due to minerals in the water, and I couldn't stop with the pictures. Sure wish I had a brought a real camera (not just the phone)- but then I might have been busy all day, missing the point of the whole weekend...
More pictures of beautiful water here.

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