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11 April 2010

Torrey time

We stopped in Torrey for the weekend, to complete the Grandma and Grandpa tour de springbreak. We got a little hike in on Saturday all around the house of G&G, as you can see, there is still lots of snow on Boulder Mountain in the distance, but, it's warming up fast all over the Northern Hemisphere and I like that.

C here was happy to find a elk horn of his very own along the trail, and this hat, given to him by grandma- you can only get it off of him when he's asleep. So cute.

Hmm, that's funny... I guess someone spilled their Coco Puffs along the trail...

Kate, mystery girl, can you give us a little more to go on next time, like a last name...

When we got to the sand dunes, Izzy the dog let loose and had some real doggy fun.

And so did the kids... can you have more fun than getting permission to jump over your big sister with sandy feet?

1 comment:

so said...

hi there fam
it is getting a little cold here in the southern hemisphere
the leave are changing
crazy to see red, yellow and orange leaves in April
and the days are getting shorter


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