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27 April 2010

local street art

Thanks to Brent for pointing out this amazing piece of street art on the Fice, Estes Pizza building just across the street from SLC Bicycles on 2nd E and 2nd S in downtown Salt Lake City. I could easily have missed it. It's really embarrassing to admit- but that's why traveling in cars can be so stupid. You miss the little things...


VaLene said...

Noelle, you take such nice photos. I love to look at that art as I ride my bike from my trusty free parking space to the store.

steph said...

What the H??? I didn't know that was in SL. I love it so much-very Baz Romeo +Juliet, huh? Love it, will you show it to me sometime, in real life?

BH said...

I am quite please with this new neighbor and her big ol'self


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