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16 April 2010

kind of like The Secret Garden

I got out into the yard yesterday and mowed, put kid stuff away, swept, raked, put more kid stuff away, trimmed, had a few "so that's where my hammer/cordless phone/whisk walked off to" moments, scooped dog poop, picked up a few more forgotten toys (mostly matchbox cars and assorted balls) and finally fertilized.
It felt a little Secret Gardenish, discovering early perennials and bulbs starting to brightening up the world. Not much around here really resembles Francis Hodgson Burnett's magical garden (except some wailing coming from the house at piano practice time) but I was so pleased to notice this Lungwort (I think that's what it is) early bloomin' under my still bare beech tree, I think I just planted it last year.
Hooray, my yard (and me) are finally mature enough for shade loving plants!


so said...

hi there
are the peas and carrots coming up?
did they survive the the spring snow?

Renee said...

I love seeing the signs of spring. You were a busy girl.

Ann Flower said...

Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.


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