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10 February 2010

Norwegian design

I just ran across this dangerously delicious font, and some other delectable, exciting, comical options for every imaginable occasion-special or not so- by Handmade Font The bread font is by the Norwegian design firm Commando Group.

For all of you who might be snowed in, school or work canceled, sitting-by-the-fire sipping hot chocolate, I would recommend a trip to the Norwegian Commando Group- amazing, inspiring, humorous design work. This image is from one of their projects.

I'm just going to go ahead and admit just how bitterly jealous I am of the East Coast/Midwest right now and their "snow problem" ...AND it's still falling?!
We got nothing. Brown, frozen ground (and air)- Bor-ing. Utah could use a good storm- I wouldn't mind being snowed in right now or having something fresh on the slopes, I wouldn't complain.

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