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02 February 2010


I'm a very serious journal keeper when I travel, not so much when I'm at home. But I get motivated after a trip. I enjoy the record keeping, cutting and pasting, coloring (now I just need to draw more...) and of course the looking back aspect. I guess what this all means is that I should travel more.
I've started sewing in the journal, just for fun or just a super smart way to add some more pages when you run out of space. Your extra maps, special papers, speeding tickets (that's Steve O's department not mine) can be easily included and don't go spilling out all over the floor evert time the journal is opened. More journal pictures here.
One of our most favorite pieces of art by Tatzu Nishi, War And Peace and In Between remembered here. In a nutshell, he built a temporary 'house' structures around two sculptures in front of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. When you walk into the 'house' the horse from the sculpture is standing on a bed in the bedroom, or (like in the picture) the rider's head and arm are on display on a coffee table with the horses head in a cupboard. Very funny, clever, creative-art that makes you smile.

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