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08 February 2010

gallery strollin'- Park City

We put the kids on autopilot Friday night and took off for a few hours to dine on our favorite mexican food in Park City, (El Chubasco) and have a look at some art.
We used to go out way more often when the kids were little, keeping our favorite babysitter busy most weekends, but it seems like we hardly ever get a moment to breathe now much less go out for an entire evening. Those tweens have plans of their own on the weekends- parent chauffeurs' essential. It was a treat to sneak away for a bit.
We stumbled upon Denise Duong's mixed media artwork in Phoenix Gallery and fell in love. I wished I'd been more than just window shopping.
We've got some quizzical weather going on as well- not very cold up there in PC, not much snow either... creepy.

1 comment:

Colett (*.*) said...

I like the word quizzical


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