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12 February 2010

handmade Valentines

Some deep thinking needed here... I mean really, who wouldn't love to get a Valentine with a cow stamped on it?

We busted out the drawers of rubber stamps, paint markers (our new family favorite), card stock, some spray glitter and not much else and made up some Valentines this year in lieu of another trip to the store. The fun part was watching the kids and their friends crack each other up with silly sayings, or dare each other to put "kiss me" on valentines for classmates. Everyone who has stopped by all week has sat down to make a least one Valentine, giving me another reason to smile.

One of my favorite stamps, (thank you Hailey for introducing me to my new stamp BFF), you can say so much, keep it anonymous (no tell-tale conspicuous handwriting to secret admirers), save time not having to stamp out each letter. I would recommend one of these for every rubber stamp collection.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone!

And to my Valentine, rocking New Zealand for the holiday- I love you, wish I was there too...


steph said...

Hi this is grace! I like your cards. please write back.

so said...

you are a cool mother


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