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28 January 2010

tiny finds

This little pouch is made by Jessica Mckenzie of Pretty In Pink , (actually we found her at Paddington Market in Sydney). Darling fabric, super affordable goods- my girls picked these coin purses to bring home for Christmas gifts for their friends. After getting my eyes on the rad selection of fabrics she used, I spent some precious vacation hours fretting, and frustratedly searching (eventually giving up) for an awesome fabric store in Sydney where I would find some of the fabrics used in Pretty in Pink goods. But to no avail, perhaps the internet will cooperate when I'm ready to search again.

I have this thing for tiny goods... throw in felt and bright colors and I'm head over heels in love. So naturally, I couldn't just walk on by when I came across these ornaments from Shumba - I just had to bring a few home. More crafts from around the world can be found at Community Projects World Wide and Go Fair Trading. Not just for the Christmas tree, these 'lil cuties will be up in my house all year.

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