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16 January 2010

back to reality

I'm back from a very wonderful family holiday- trying to get back in touch with reality. We spent many days in beautiful places, like Byron Bay, smack dab in the middle of Australian summertime.
I'm not going to lie to you- traveling with kids is hard work, as the Mum/travel coordinator/cook/laundress there is constantly someone or something that needs attending to. But there is nothing like the indescribable feeling of joy you get watching your kids pet kangaroos, surf non-stop (until dragged out of the water), snorkel with a sea turtle or just play happily with each other and whatever they have around them.
Now, it's back to real life, a hard pill to swallow. I'm not loving winter so far, and the smoggy mucky inversion we've got here in Utah. So, here's hoping for a storm to blow out the bad air and drop some fresh powder. Let's see if I can remember where all our ski gear is and how to use it.
I've got to go find that bottle of lotion, my new BFF, I feel like a fish out of water, or an alligator (with a great tan)...

1 comment:

Renee said...

Oh, you are lucky to have a tan in this yucky Utah weather. Happy early birthday my friend. Perhaps, a 39th celebration is in order at a restaurant of your choosing? Just give me a little jingle.


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