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19 February 2009

where it's at

My gal Kipper and I are headed out to So-Cal tonight to witness the Saturday- Santa Clarita to Pasadena, and Sunday- Rancho Bernardo to Escondido (finish) last stages of the Tour of California. Steve O was in Sacramento for the prologue last weekend and came home with some fantastic pictures of the boys in all their glory... see, I have this thing for cyclists...
He briefly mentioned I should go catch the end of the Tour- that's all the coaxing I needed; and what a treat to only have to go to California and not Europe to see a race like this. Experiencing the Tour de France in person 2 years ago was ah-mazing, I was extremely veclempt as the peleton whooshed by- and I can't wait to feel that again.

Actually, my particular infatuation has to do with these two cyclists... and mostly because the one (Lance Armstrong) so closely resembles the other (Steve O, my husband). Steve O gets told all the time, and all over the world, that he looks like Lance, what do you think?
See- I love to watch Lance ride, but I love riding alongside this other guy every day, every way.


so said...

i like stuart's take on this
i look like Lance's ugly brothers
i think i could pull that off in a bar

noelle said...

oh stop - Lance is hot 'cuz he looks like you dear...


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