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23 February 2009

Tour of California

Oh the weekend was wonderful. Nothing like a couple of crazy days race chasing. I'll fill in details later, but for now here is #1 favorite picture I took, and actually with my iphone. I was so close to Lance as he rolled into the start of Stage 8, the final day of the Tour, that's Levi Leipheimer right behind him- the winner of this year's Tour. The stars lined up, the press people cleared out and I got a clear shot. I was smashed up against the fence and got some really great close ups. I could have (should have) leaned over and kissed the riders as they passed back and forth waiting for the start. What I really, really needed was one of those cameras that snap shot after shot while you hold down the button- fashion photographer style- next year perhaps.
And next year, I pledge to have my costume ready before hand so I can run with the riders while they climb and get some TV face time for my kids. The costume idea occurred to us too late this year- and we failed deliver the goods.
Anyway, I've got to go catch up on the rest of my life- I'll get my hundreds of pictures organized and the very best ones ready to view tomorrow. So, if you're into bikes and think there is no finer physique on this planet than a cyclist's body... then you better stay tuned.

OK, check out more pictures of the Tour of California look here.


Colett (*.*) said...

was it you who stole his missing bike?

steph said...

Yay! nice close up of your boyfriend.


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