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11 February 2009

a great read

I just read- I mean listened to this book (you can't go wrong with the multi-task: craft+listen or drive+listen) and absolutely loved it. We read Kite Runner in book group a few years back. I really liked that book too (I haven't seen the movie); but this book is told from a woman's perspective and it has really stuck with me. I know the characters are fictitious, but it's based on real life in Afghanistan before, during and after the Taliban. It brought my thoughts back to the book Infidel and just how brutal life can be for women in some parts of the world.

Read the NY Times book review here if you like, but I would skip the review and just read the book. Book reviews- like movie trailers, sometimes taint the readers experience before the tale has even been told.

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Curt, Lace and Harper said...

Noelle I saw your tree and heart they are adorable. It got me thinking looking at them. I am a hostess for Miss Springville. My girl wants to put a broche on her swim suit. It is too low cut so she wants to gather it and place a broche there. Do you have anything you would be willing to let us use just for that night?


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