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18 September 2008

look what the kids dragged in

The kids came home from school on Friday with this little fella. The story I got was something along the lines of:
-We saw a free kitten sign and we just had to stop and see!
-The other kids found him but, their Mom said they couldn't keep him...
-And they said we can't bring him back!
-I also got, "We tried to call you, over and over, but we couldn't get through..." (yeah, right...)
I think it was more like- ask for forgiveness instead of permission- that was the conclusion they came to. How can you say no to the tiniest, skinniest (under the fluffy coat) little homeless kitten? It's true, our other cat "Ivan the Terrible" went to kitty heaven in the spring after 13 ornery years. We knew that someday we'd get another cat, I guess that someday is now.

After trying on many names, I think it's going to be Pierre (that's right Ziebarths- were bringing it back because it's such a great cat name). Pierre has got two really great things going for him, his precise and unfailing use of the litter box (so far) and a wonderfully calm, patient temperment as seen pictured above. Unfortunately, Ivan (may she rest in peace) did not have this quality. We are all very excited about the prospect of a cat we can actually pick up, carry around and treat like a infant.
Hiding from Izzy, the dog, in the bushes. Izzy just can't keep her paws off of Pierre- literally. Soon, little Pierre will be a more even match for Izzy (she is only 20 lbs.) but for now we've got to keep a close eye on the two of them when they are together.


steph said...

Oh my, I love that little kitty! So cute, I want to carry him around in a tiny baby sling!

lex said...


Donelle, Jammer and Tre Anderson said...

Oh man...that kitty is too cute. I don't think I'd be able to say No either.


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