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16 September 2008

could there be a more perfect SNL skit?

I must admit I did not see this one coming...
Oh Tina Fey and Amy Poehler you two are the best, as a die hard Saturday Night Live fan I have always admired these two ladies comic abilities. (for some reason most female comedians usually try so hard and are so not funny- at least to me) But, these ladies rock, and this skit is hilarious, perfect in content and look-alikeability. I sure wish McCain had chosen Tina Fey as VP instead of Sarah Palin, she might even be better qualified for the job.

Another absolutely perfect SNL skit that had me rollin' in the aisle...Andy Samberg as Diablo Cody at the Oscars


Colett (*-*) said...

I just spent half an hour on YouTube trying to find this skit in it's entirety(sp?) and couldn't find it. I wish I had come here first! SOOOOO Funny!

Midge said...

I had to watch Saturday because I knew they had to get Tina Fey back to play her, too perfect. I was thinking of being Sarah Palin for Halloween but I'm not sure I can pull off that accent, although I probably know about as much about politics as she does.jk.

lex said...

SOOOOOOOOO good. thanks for posting! Tina fey looks so much like her! Scary!

Midge said...

I just made those sugar cookies you posted a while ago and I'm sorry but I hate you. I renamed them 'One Night Stand' cookies because even though I know I shouldn't eat them they are so good I do it anyways and feel guilty about it in the morning. Thanks alot.
I posted them on your food blog, hope that's ok, and I stole your pic cause I cooked mine a tiny bit too long.

Midge said...

OK, one more thing, my sister in law's birthday is coming up and I was wondering if I could commission one of your super cute reversable wrap skirts for her. You can email me if you are interested dlxfs at hotmail


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