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18 July 2011

lake day

We got together with the cousins at Deer Creek this weekend- everyone brought their floaties and water toys (for some this means their full scuba gear... Auntie April) life jackets and trucker hats.

 ...plastic bags and duct tape

When it gets too hot you'll resort to getting submerged any way you can while still keeping the cast --and the pins under that cast-- dry.

Cousins, diggin' in the sand. M has her 'pretty' bathing suit on, if it's not decidedly 'pretty' she'll discard it for another outfit, Precia (her mom) loves this. Thanks to all who planned the fun, life is complicated and busy and why do I need to get pushed out the door for an afternoon of relaxing? 
A day by the water is just what we all need- that means you too.


starr said...

please please push me next time you are going.

Precia said...

I want a boat so bad now! That was so fun. I love your part of Utah!!!


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