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08 August 2011

open house

This spec home just built on Capistrano Beach, just down Beach Road from where we stay, was just finished a few months ago. We decided to take advantage of the open house going on this past weekend and do a little walk through.
The kitchen- the whole house is very modern, black (dark brown) and white, clean lines and open spaces, I like it.

Lovin' the sink in the extra bathroom but it might need Windexing daily.

The icing on the cake was the master bedroom with a cherry and whip cream on top being the master bathroom. Oh man, dream bathroom. Two sections of wall, which is made of glass, fold back in an accordion way to open the whole room to the ocean, including this section between the tub and shower (closed in the picture). 

If you aren't big on privacy then perhaps this isn't the bathroom for you, anyone walking down the beach need only glance up as they pass. 
I think I could do without the privacy (having kids make you change your mind about the minor technicalities of life such as nudity...) and I will likely dream about this shower/tub (indoor-outdoor option) for the rest of my life, as will my children. I need to use this as a teaching tool, "if you focus, study and do well in school and then go onto an excellent college, you may someday be able to afford a beach house with a bathroom like this one..."

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