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12 July 2011

rescue heroes

I was working away in my basement 'sweat shop' (the way I lovingly refer to my sewing room when I'm under the gun/working with a deadline) when I heard something in the window well. This tiny dude had lost his way and taken a tumble. Thank goodness I heard him and was able to save his little life before he succumbed to the elements.

Q was more than willing to rescue the poor little fella. We debated putting him in a box and observing (or keeping him as a pet, whatever you want to call it...) for a little while but he was squawking away and we could hear his mama, not far away, calling back.

He took off running when Q let him go, so I never got a full body shot, dang. We need a bird book so we can look up his type- some sort of a duck, hopefully magical, and I can start using my three wishes anytime...

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