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31 March 2011

watch and wait

Video clips at Ustream
So the kindergarten at Soldier Hollow has been incubating eggs. Today is day 21 and they just got the live webcam set up and ready to watch the hatching. Why am I sitting here watching? It's reminding me of watching the police chase OJ Simpson down the LA freeway in his white Bronco... years ago, but don't deny it... you know you sat there and watched for hours waiting for something to happen. And so did I.
Jump to 2011, now we are all a little older and more mature, but still, I find myself stopping in the hardware store at the 'baby chicks for sale' troughs... mesmerized by the fluffy little cheepers. It's just a good as a trip to the petting zoo.
Here's to hoping we see something fluffy hatch soon, so we can all get on with it.

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