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22 March 2011

on the door

In this house, everyones got a sign on their door. It's a serious business- your door message- not to be taken lightly or ignored. I have personal experience being reprimanded for not heeding the posted words of warning, no one is above the law here. As of this morning, this is what I found posted:

Various emotions, feelings and personal declarations on display- get the crap out of my face, I just want to be left alone and C (age 6) just wants to make art.
I'm feeling a little left out, apparently, Steve O and I need to work on a sign for our door. I'm thinking something like No Kids Allowed, Enter If You Dare, or how about, and we could set a precedent here...- Do Not Enter Without A Personal Compliment or Have A Great Day Chumps... (I just can't help myself.)

1 comment:

Donelle Anderson said...

Those are awesome!


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