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07 December 2010

remember these?

The image of a sliding tile puzzle keeps coming to my mind as we put the finishing touch on the basement. All steps must be done in order- with 'putting up the Christmas tree' in about the middle of the puzzle, and 'painting the baseboards' as the very first tile. I'd better get to work- everything Christmas is in the storage unit behind all of the furniture that needs to find their places in basement rooms...

This is what I'm after, so I'd better keep slogging away until that 15th piece, 'go to bed before 2am', is in place. If you're itching to work on a sliding tile puzzle yourself or just watch longingly as the computer solves the puzzle for you- here is a little puzzle link coming your way.  


VaLene Hulme said...

Oh, I understand. The year that we got our hardwood floors installed, we didn't get a tree up until 3 days before Christmas! Hang in there. Wish I could easily pop over and help.

Dani said...

We met at the Beehive Bazaar and I wanted to send you the blog to the design summit I told you about:

I empathize with you--we just laid new floors for the 2nd year right before Christmas. What a fiasco! But so worth it--we just finished and now can cozy up and enjoy the space!

Enjoying having a new blog to follow. Thanks for introducing yourself!


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