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22 December 2010

15 hour garage makeover

This was our garage yesterday morning, I've been meaning to get around to organizing it, but it's been way down on the list, especially the week before Christmas.

But then it snow about 2 feet.... and since I wasn't going anywhere (here I am stuck at the bottom of the driveway) I decided the time had come to get the car inside for the winter and the mess organized. By the way, cat litter works wonders for getting 2 wheel drive cars (or Tahoe) unstuck. I think I'll keep a box in the car, as well as a shovel and the chains.

It's a Christmas miracle... my pulley system for the kayaks worked, the bikes (can't see 'em, they are to the left) and skis are hung up- and the car fits into the garage with the ski box on top- hooray! A few more items to list on KSL, a trip of two to the salvation army and the recycling center and we'll be able to fit the other car in as well. It sure will be nice to have a warm, snow free car for the rest of the winter. A beautiful sight.


Donelle Anderson said...

We've been doing the same thing but it's been 3 afternoons of unpacking boxes and organizing. Lots of Goodwill has and will be going out...

VaLene Hulme said...

I don't know how you do it all!! You must have some superhuman things going on in there! Let's try to get together sometime after Christmas.


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