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16 December 2010

Legos- for grownups

I have been search for weeks, racking my brain, asking around, reading classifieds- all in search of affordable cabinets to put into my craft room. Nothing was panning out. I even went to a chicks house with my car all ready to pick up the cabinets she had listed on KSL and they turned out to be from a doctors office and nowhere near a standard height. Finally, the most affordable option, within a certain time frame, was Ikea. And let me just say, it's so nice to have an Ikea handy when moving or finishing a house. Here are all the necessary pieces, all ready to be snapped together.

The upper cabinets went in easy, even working solo. I still can't believe that only two bolts hold each cabinet to the wall. It's probably a good thing I don't know what is behind the scenes in most construction- I think I'd worry too much....  Kind of like when you are at a party and wonder if the floor might collapse under your feet with the weight of all the partygoers? Maybe it's only me who wonders about situations like that...

It occurred to me as I read the instructions that came with each piece, Ikea is pretty much Legos for adults. Your instructions show all the pieces that are included (and how many) then they walk you through step by step with pictures for building your project. Good thing I have a long history with Legos.

The sink is one thing that worked out from a KSL classified ad. It looked a little gross when I picked it up, the previous owners had pulled it out to remodel. I took it all apart and scrubbed and scoured every last faucet and drain part and now it looks brand new. As a matter of fact, it's a much nicer faucet (probably sink too) that what we've got in our kitchen upstairs. It's also cast iron and probably weighs as much as all my kids put together. I fret about the Lego cabinets with their wee plastic legs holding such weight- everyday for the rest of their lives...   Well, it's lasted overnight, so I guess it's OK. 
The countertop is also from Ikea, 6 ft. slab of formica, the price was right and it looks good too. See the cute wee plastic legs under there? I need to pick up some kick-plate material when I make my daily trip back to Ikea. By the way, the kick-plate snaps into place in a very Lego fashion... works for me, I love Legos.

1 comment:

Precia said...

Nice job, and I live next to Ikea so STOP BY! And take a niece with you....kidding.


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