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13 January 2009

peasants and royalty

Yesterday the kids were playing over at their friends after school. After about an hour F (age 10) and M (age 8) were sent home because their friends Thomas and Hannah had homework to do. But Q (age 12) was allowed to stay and hang out with her friend Carina- who had finished all her schoolwork.
F & M didn't know (or really care) about details as insignificant as homework. By the time they had walked back home they were spitting mad. Huffing and puffing, M exclaimed emphatically, "Q gets to stay and we don't?!- they treat us like peasants!!"


Melissa Miller said...

I love it when the kids come up with great words like that! I bet they are in heaven to have their long lost friends back!

Olsen Family said...

Thats so funny!!


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