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10 January 2009

I need a puffy

Why have I not owned a puffy down jacket until today? I am the poster child for down clothing.
I always have cold hands and feet (my womb is toasty warm though), I wear coats in my house all winter and spend lots of time skiing and teaching skiing all winter- it's time to stop suffering. I guess I always thought a puffy coat would make me look fat, when the truth is- my fat makes me look fat and that's a different issue entirely.
So, after doing a bit of research and talking to my lady skier friends I decided the North Face Nuptse was the puffy for me. I went for the 'brownie brown'- I own too many black coats already. (I can still look semi-cool in Park City at the Sundance Film Festival in brown right, it's kind of close to black?)
My new puffy should be here in a few days and I can't wait. I'm going to wear it all day, and then probably sleep in it.
Now, if I could I just find some down slippers...


Midge said...

I've had a Gerry down coat for about 12 years and basically lived in it every winter till my husband complained that is was ugly, I don't care though I still love it, and yes I slept in it many a night.

steph said...

I love my brown down! Plus it is North Face- you will for sure look cool in PC with that-not that you need a brand name to look hot- you just are!


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