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27 January 2009

Barbie, re-Membered

I just read the NY Times Magazine article on this gal Margaux Lange and her funky Barbie jewelry. Like Margaux, I too admit to playing with Barbies through my junior high school years, until my sister (who is just a year younger) yelled down the hall at our school, "...oh yeah, well Noelle still plays with Barbies!" Slightly embarrassed, but not completely deterred - I think I still played with them in secret- like, in the bottom of the closet for a few more years.
I had the hugest Barbie doll house made by my Dad on Christmas- decorating it was my favorite pastime... ahhh, the days before the Nintendo DS..... I've got a picture of that Christmas morning somewhere...
So, when I saw Margaux Lange's jewelry I fell in love. You know- I love the goods that are crafty, clever and a little bit silly.


so said...

tiny obama
you are into tiny things!
you rule
in fact you are one my favorite people in the world
you kick tiny booty

steph said...

Did you know I was a huge barbie fan also??/ I too played with them well into Jr.High. My dad made me a huge house because we couldn't afford the cool dream house with an elevator. My mom used carpet scraps and wallpaper scraps to decorate it. Pretty cool now that I think about it. I love this jewelry! Funny!!!!

T. and J. Huish said...

oh i love these so much!! i want those earrings! i love your blog noelle!

Olsen Family said...

I love the rings!!! I wish it wasn't so much, i would buy it!

H said...

I loved Barbies too. I love that Margo likes them now. One year I got the dream house (?) with the elevator. I remember the elevator because my cruel big brother used it to reenact some horror movie with our cat on top of the elevator as it crashed! The kitty escaped just in time! My folks aren't into fixing or making things... at all, ever. It is soooo cool that your Dads made you those houses. Once my mother and I made paper dolls, with a shoe box house. It was fantastic.


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