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24 November 2008

a night out

The ladies of Book Group went to see Twilight Saturday night. Melinda, Book Group member who picked the book a few summers ago wasn't with us- she had gone on Thursday, the opening night (we missed you Melinda!)
It was a much needed (and anticipated) night out in the middle of craft season. I enjoyed every single moment- sitting completely still, not multi-tasking, tummy full of Bajio, no one hanging on/complaining to me.
I guess I'm pretty easy to please. Of course I could nit-pick or complain about bits here and there that didn't match up to the images in my head- but I won't. I loved the film, through and through- a few parts made me giggle, but for the most part it made me feel 18 again and helped me escape mundane reality for a couple of delicious hours.
It was great to be with all my ladies, our Book Group has been going strong for ten years now. All the gals are so uniquely fabulous and inspiring to me. As life gets busier and our kids grow up, we have spread out geographically making it increasingly difficult to get together regularly. So, no matter is going on in my life, I always look forward to Book Group every month- spending a few minutes discussing a book, but mostly, catching up with all my friends and life's goings on.


steph said...

OK-that was so fun! When can we go again?????

Colett (*.*) said...

Ok so here is proof that I don't always look good in pictures! I am a scary lady. But it WAS a very neede night out and always fun to be with my ladies!

Donelle, Jammer and Tre Anderson said...

I'm SO jealous...everyone I had turned on to the books has seen the movie but me! I don't want to go by myself and we can't leave Tre home alone...been trying to get my Mom to come down and babysit so we can go see the movie...hopefully soon!


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