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14 November 2008

Felt Club

Early Saturday morning me and a few of my ladies (Colett we will miss you, you chump) hop a plane and bust out to LA for the weekend- main reason: Holiday Felt Club in LA. We went two years ago and it was super fun to see what all the other artists, crafters and handmade junkies are up to. I can't wait to leave my own sewing machine and piles of fabric behind for a few lovely days in a warmer climate; to relax without a care in the world... but catching my plane back on Monday.


Colett (*.*) said...

I want to be there so much it's killing me! I have spent a lot of time on their website though and I have lots of ideas to steal!

The Wilkinson Clan said...

You missed a fun night for Tod's 40th. Glad you had fun! :)


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