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16 December 2007

party time

On Saturday night we went to the Liechty's house for a open house/party. Their house looked so fabulous I found myself snapping a million pictures. I am always inspired by Hailey and Christopher, every time I see them they are up to something super clever and creative. Here are some of my favorite bits about their house. Here is the top of their extremely beautiful Christmas tree.

I never new vintage wallpaper could look so good actually hung on the wall.

Snazzy mantle, Hailey where do you find all of these fun Christmas things?

The evening was perfect when Stephanie arrived with one of her scrumptious cake creations. You know I would probably crawl over broken glass for a piece. Just looking at this picture is making my mouth water- chocolate with butter cream frosting...yum. Girlfriend, you got it goin' on!
Hailey and Christoper thank you so much for opening up your home to all of us gawkers, it looks amazing. It is always such fun to visit with you guys, your family and friends.


steph said...

You are so "sweet"! I love cake...The party was fun and fun to look at!

H said...

Man, that place is crazy... and how did that camera make it past the burly bouncers at the door?!

Check out the Confetti Antique (& etc.) store in Spanish Fark. More and more lovely Christmas goodies, many with glitter and many very cheep.

Thanks for the kind words. The Olpins are Always great company! :)

Checked out your blog for inspiration... need a craft for 25+ 4th graders for 1.5 hours TOMORROW. How did I get roped into that!?

Midge said...

I want a piece of that cake right now, yum! That wallpaper is great too. I love people who are so creative with there decorations.


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