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07 December 2007

Trimming the tree

We finally got the tree up and decorated, and all of the other Christmas decor in it's place. This is quite a job, 2-3 days of pulling out tubs of Christmas goods, putting it all up, rearranging furniture, cleaning, and then putting back away all tubs and other stuff before it makes you crazy.
Being the Mom at Christmastime is a special job, very busy indeed.
So, here she is this year... the tree. We couldn't cut our own this year. Oh no, we got to find out first hand that the last of the cut-your-own Christmas tree farms (that I know about) just turned into a subdivision. Bummer.
The lot where we got this tree swore up and down this one was just cut a week ago- so far she's holding up nicely, smells great, drinks tons. So today on this rainy Friday (please change to snow, please!)I spotlight just a few of my favorite ornaments I've collected over the years.

I think I've blogged this one before. I love it so much, I leave it up all year. I got it at Felt Club last year.

Reminding us the reason for the season, from Blue Cockatoo.

Nancy Drew, original artwork by my friend Edie, from the Beehive Bazaar last Christmas.

Voodoo dolly ornament made by my friend Molly, from the Beehive Bazaar a few years back.

Well, it's back to the sewing room. I took the handmade pledge, and I've got work to do.


The Wilkinson Clan said...
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The Wilkinson Clan said...

Beautiful tree...did you make your tree skirt? Of course you did. I still need to get the decorations up. They are so time consuming!


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