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17 August 2007

home at last

Alright, enough already... I have been on vacation too long, I can't even remember how to clean my house, run my vacuum or that the dishwasher needing to be loaded is perhaps my job.
We have had a long splendid 9 weeks touring Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark. The RV we rented for 6 weeks of the trip worked like a charm keeping us cozy, comfortable, with the necessary amenities (especially for kids) traveling along with us. I could always accommodate the child who- literally 5 minutes after a meal has been cooked, served, cleaned up, and put away- tells me, "I'm hungry..." Or the universal childhood request, "I need to pee..."
Our last 3 weeks were spent in Denmark at the home of the fabulous Ream family. Here's a little shout out and a huge THANK YOU to Jason and Pernille for letting us so comfortably dwell among them, giggle and grin, play games, bicycle, swim in the fjord, get the insiders tour of Denmark, stuff ourselves with delicious food, and watch the kids happily play together after a year long separation.
So, can you guess in which European city this picture was taken? The winner gets some Danish chocolate.


grittypretty said...

Is it Florence? Having never been to continental europe...i'm guessing florence because the medici brothers liked making their windows smaller on the top floor. I want some chocolate!=)

Noelle O said...

You are correct my dear, I'm very impressed. And yes, I've got some chocolate for you! I had better hand deliver it (a good excuse to visit) because in the mail it might just turn into a melty blob. Congratulations miss smarty pants!

steph said...

Hey,I was going to guess Paris along the Sienne river. Can I have some Chocolate anyway? Love the photo,you are a babe in it! Glad you are back. Are you kidding? I don't know how to run a vaccum or clean this crazy pit anymore and I haven't been to Europe at all this summer. Whaat?

grittypretty said...

yay! i look forward to seeing you & that european chocolate too!


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